hahaha baru saja aku berkunjung ke YUI Lover, disana mereka bersenang-senang dengan menuliskan “fakta-fakta” yang menggelitik. pernah dengar Chuck Norris facts? nah ini seperti itu, membuat fakta sengaco-ngaconya ternyata sangat menarik… aku sajikan beberapa diantaranya, kalian juga boleh menambahkan…

NB: kalo kamu bukan fans YUI mungkin bakal susah ngerti ^^;

  • “The sun only rises in the east, because YUI lives there.”
  • The words I love you don’t exist, it’s the badly pronounced version of I love YUI!
  • Without YUI there would be no music!
  • YUI invented the wheel
  • The QWERTY Keyboards are part of a Japanese Conspiracy to make people think of nothing else than YUI
  • Avril Lavigne paid millions to be in the same picture with YUI in ‘WHAT’s IN’
  • God created summer season so YUI can write a song about it
  • No YUI, No LIFE
  • If YUI didn’t tell the sun to move to the west, people outside of Japan would have to live in darkness
  • YUIs name was the reason why all the letters on the keys of your keyboard are in CAPS
  • YUI has already invented the time machine and traveled back in time… who else would inspired the Beatles?
  • The Polar Bear is being added to the endangered species list do to arctic ice loss….because YUI’s so HOT!
  • World War I and II Actually Caused by Singer-Songwriter YUI
    World War I and II erupted when YUI started her career. Nations worldwide were fighting over YUI. In the end, YUI stayed in Japan, so the jealous nations ganged up on them
  • Bananas were created by God for Amane Kaoru to eat
  • The sun rises in the morning because that’s when YUI wakes up
  • YUI doesn’t have to worry about the flu; her smile can cure any ailment
  • When YUI went on hiatus, Mr. Sorny went into debt
  • The birds sing because they are fans of YUI
  • The waves wash onto the beach because YUI loves the Sea
  • Japan has the roman alphabet because YUI writes her name that way
  • If they are YUI’s tears that are cried for you, your sins will end
  • Japanese astronomers discovered that the year actually begins on March 26th
  • 1987 marked the first year of the YUI period in Japan
  • December 24th is a holiday in Japan because it was the release of the first YUI cd
  • TOKYO is densely-populated because that’s where YUI lives
  • Birthdays are still celebrated because YUI wrote a song about them
  • YUI said “I can change my life” and we were given free will
  • The Universal Law of Gravitation proves that you are attracted to YUI
  • I know the world won’t end today; it’s already tomorrow for YUI
  • Everyone else is spelling ‘cherry’ wrong
  • YUI can use capital letters whenever she wants
  • Anything YUI touches turns to gold …. for Yahoo Auction
  • Marimokkori is a fan of YUI
  • YUI brought sexy back
  • YUI actually owns Sony
  • YUI’s birthday can provoke the down of her Home Page server because of the Message Board
  • YUI-ism has became the new religion
  • the web browser has became so popular because of YUI
  • YUI’s wuu-wang because that has became the new peace sign
  • everyone is buying/using the Mac Air because YUI has one
  • YUI actually invented the keyboard thats why her name/letter is right next to each other on the keyboard
  • Fukuoka has a new race and every YUI-ian speaks YUI-go
  • YUI has a Ph.D. in music
  • YUI’s unkown father actually is the 44th President of USA, Barrack Obama
  • There is only war in the world because God used too much love to create YUI
  • No, YUI doesn’t speak English, English speaks YUI
  • YUI is the 4th Power Puff Girl, because she was made of sugar, spice and everything nice
  • If YUI jumps in a lake she doesn’t get wet, the water gets YUI
  • YUI can write everything with only using the letters Y, U, I
  • When YUI goes outside the sun has to wear YUI-glasses
  • There would be no over population on earth, but every time YUI walks by a cemetery all the dead come to Life again
  • There are no adjectives in Japanese to describe beautiful things, because everything great and beautiful is called YUI
  • The goddess Kuan-yin was created in YUI’s image
  • When YUI weeps, grown men all over the world cries with her
  • After YUI visited the John Lennon museum in New York…it became a YUI museum
  • The mayor of New York declared the historic day YUI visited as a public holiday
  • YUI doesnt revolve around the world the world revolve over her
  • all the sell actually goes to YUI and not SONY
  • a new currency was made and it was called YUI
  • everyone believes that YUI was the first women alive
  • YUI can make Chuck Norris, Mr. T and Bruce Lee cry!
  • Barrack Obama actually said ‘Yes YUI Can’ and not ‘Yes We Can’
  • Since 2008 New York City got a new name, it’s called YYC – YUI York City!
  • YUI isn’t popular because of Sony, Sony is popular because of YUI!
  • The production of Godzilla films stopped because in the last film Godzilla lost against YUI!
  • Nobody wants the Teletubbies anymore because they found something cuter!
  • The cold didn’t catch YUI because YUI is to HOT!
  • Yahoo became VERY popular because of YUI. —> Yahoo User Interface (YUI)
  • YUI is the reason for global warming
  • After listening to FM802, Doraemon has left Nobita for YUI
  • The sun warms the earth, and YUI keeps the sun burning!
  • Amane Kaoru likes the cheetah only because it is the only animal fast enough to chase her
  • The financial crisis started when the world found out that YUI was going to take a break
  • People in Japan have a higher life expectancy because YUI lives there
  • God created ordinary people from YUI’s rib
  • YUI wrote her first song before she was born
  • YUI is too HOT that she caught the fever and spread it which is now known as YUI fever
  • YUI is the new start of tomorrow
  • YUI is in every WAY better than any of YOU that walks this earth
  • The YUIboard (keyboard) was invented by YUI and had her name placed in full there
  • The reason why cheeks can be stretched and skin is malleable is because YUI decided it was made to be pulled
  • Actually, songs sing to YUI. What you hear in concerts are songs singing to YUI
  • Billboards were invented to hold pictures of YUI
  • The Happy Birthday song was actually adapted from YUI’s Happy Birthday To You you, as a kid’s version
  • YUI sings Umbrella when it rains, and the rain cannot touch her
  • Winding Road and Highway Chance are actually urban planning systems used throughout the world to plan roads and transportation systems
  • YUI knows everything
  • YUI remembers me
  • YUI created nothingness and infinity at the same time
  • Every time YUI goes on hiatus 10 million people each day due to lack of YUI
  • If you wrote YUI’s name in a death note the shinigami would slap you silly. Of course he cant kill her, she’s immortal
  • YUI bought her Martin at Fender headquarter
  • YUI is a time traveler, she once traveled to the end of the world and made a song called ‘Good-bye Days’
  • YUI doesn’t have to go to sea, the sea comes to her
  • The night falls because YUI is sleeping, and the sun rises when she wakes up
  • The sweetness of fruits has YUI genes in them

hehehe could you add more facts?

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